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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Dear friends, I would like to share an article about the benefits of martial arts. This article is dedicated to teachers, martial arts instructors, to those who is trying to become a professional, to those who constantly seeks self-improvement and devoted themselves to the study and application of martial art skills.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Since the creation of humankind and till this very day, people have been struggling for existence, they had to fight natural disasters, predators and also against each other.

The first invention of the most primitive types of weapons and their application signified the beginning of martial arts. Fight for resources, territory, power and domination served as a catalyst of war craft, and hand-to-hand combat has always been its crucial part. The need to defend yourself, your family, your tribe, your crops and your trade caravans forced people to learn self-defence techniques both armed and without a weapon.

Nowadays we no longer need to hunt a big furry mammoth in order to feed our family or defend our cave from wild animals with a club in our hand. The era of pirates and robbers is over. There is a decline in the rate of street crimes due to the advent of technology and the professionalism of law-enforcement agencies, especially in developed countries. There are cameras almost everywhere and any attempts on criminal activity are cut off by a nearby patrol.

So why do we need martial arts today?

Of course, police is not always there to protect you, furthermore there are spots hidden from cameras and people too. There are plenty of scenarios where individuals are forced to rely solely on their own ability to defend themselves from violent aggression.

The fact is that martial arts training allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones in case of an imminent danger is the least of its benefits.

Not only will martial arts help you stay fit, they will also reduce your stress level, build confidence, improve attention, self-discipline and orderliness and move along the path of self-development and self-awareness.

Here is a detailed description of what martial arts could offer, taking into account a person’s age as well as what they could offer regardless of one’s age.

Benefits for Adults

There are plenty of reasons for an adult to do martial arts. Some people have specific goals and priorities in mind when they start a martial arts training, some do it for fun or simply out of curiosity. Some people start their training in order to learn self-defence on a much deeper level, they learn to overcome fears, lack of confidence and self-esteem. The source of fear could be different, and whether it originates in the dangers of daily life or it is completely imaginary, it can lead to a number of mental and physical illnesses. Fear may cause depression, paranoia, inability to concentrate, unconsciousness and uncontrollable muscle spasms, high blood pressure, insomnia and gastrointestinal diseases.

Martial arts are multifaceted, they make a systematic complex preparation, which also includes breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation, which help cope with stress and reduce anxiety. Regular training and hard work will grant you specific knowledge, skills and experience, necessary to be able to protect yourself both mentally and physically. Gradually you will move from an amateur to mastery, while the transition will be followed by a series of tests and exams. Every successful passing of an exam is going to increase your level of training and self-esteem, it will improve self-control and stress-resistance, it will teach you consistency and the habit of finishing what you started. Understanding of one’s success in martial arts will make you more determinate, which will in turn help you to overcome any challenges in life with greater confidence.

Even after the first lesson with a qualified instructor you will feel an impulse to a positive transformation of your body, mind and spirit. The very first lessons might be followed by anxiety, suffering and muscle pain. Day after day, you will progress, adapt, change, become stronger both mentally and physically. You will take the greatest joy in the realisation of your own power to overcome any challenge be it physical, emotional or intellectual. The ultimate goal of martial arts journey, isn’t the ability to dominate, the ability to break bricks with bare hands, the goal is not to show off your beautiful uniform, your black belt, all your diplomas, certificates, titles and medals. The real goal of a martial arts journey is the awareness of who you truly are and who you truly want to be. It can only be possible if you approach training with an open mind, critical thinking and hard work. Training on a regular basis will make you stronger, healthier, more patient and disciplined, able to concentrate and collaborate and most importantly have confidence in oneself. You will find balance!

As soon as it comes as revelation, you will realise that martial arts training can truly help you raise the bar and become successful in physical, mental and spiritual development, which you previously considered unattainable.

Sincerely yours,

Vidadi Hajiyev

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