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How to register
your martial art style/system

Founder and Head-Master Recognition


The title of Style Founder is awarded by the GAMAO Supreme Council which consists of competent top-level martial arts experts.


Candidate should have minimum age 35, martial arts experience of 20 years, good reputation locally and internationally, the minimum rank of 5th Dan Degree in the respected and internationally recognized style of martial arts; possess solid knowledge of Martial Arts; understanding foundation principles of Martial Arts, professionalism and perfection in teaching methodology; excellent mentor skills, solid skills in all areas of practiced Martial Arts.


Candidate for Founder Title should provide for GAMAO Supreme Council following materials:


  1. Rank certificates from 1st Dan up to the current level. All ranks should be issued in the same style by competent authorities. 

  2. Explanation of what martial art generally is and general classification of martial arts.

  3. Objective reasons for the creation of new martial art.

  4. Purposes and goals of new martial art.

  5. The lineage of new martial art and the history of its creation.

  6. Symbols and mental code of new martial art.

  7. General system of the new martial art.

  8. Foundation principles (mental, ethical, biomechanical, technical, and tactical) of new martial art.

  9. Philosophy of the new martial art.

  10. Overview of the technical system of the new martial art.

  11. Benefits of the new martial art for the students and society.

  12. Rank system and subordination rules in new martial art.

  13. Training programs for students and instructors of new martial arts.

  14. Teaching methodology of new martial art.

  15. Video presentation: explanation of the general principles of the style. techniques, and demonstration.

  16. Testimonial and references of other martial arts masters.

  17. The reasonable fee should cover services of verification, consultations, examination, and certification.


All this information will be studied, verified, and analyzed by the members of the GAMAO Supreme Council, who are top-level competent experts in Martial Arts with experience of more than 35-40 years each.

All verification procedures are protocoled. As a final stage, the special report will be done at the official meeting of the GAMAO Supreme Council and all members will vote on whether to confer the title or refuse it.


If you decided to apply for Founder certification, please contact us for special application forms.

Founder verification, certification procedures take a lot of hours of professional research, some times we have to hire specialists in specific fields of martial arts. For this reason, we have to charge a reasonable fee for the verification and then for the certification (if it is approved).


For additional information, please contact GAMAO headquarters at

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