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Vidadi Hajiyev

GAMAO Founder & CEO


+994 51 727 13 13



62 Javadkhan Street
Baku city, AZ 1111

Date of Birth:

November 26th, 1980

A Bit About Me

The essential idea and concepts of the GAMAO were developed in 2005 by Vidadi Hajiyev who is a nationally and internationally recognized martial artist, an amateur fighter with multiple world titles, self-defense expert, an inductee of world hall of fame, a military officer, a loving family man, and a caring friend.

He is constantly training in martial arts and fighting sports since 1985.

He is constantly teaching martial arts and fighting sports since 1995.

Training & Work Experience


  General information:

  • Full-time martial arts instructor, tactical combat expert, and influential leader.

  • Founder of Hoshin Moo Kwan Martial Arts Academy.

  • Founder of Vigor Combat Systems.

  • Former Hand-to-Hand chief-instructor of Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic 2020-2022

  • Former Hand-to-Hand chief-instructor of Presidential Security of the Azerbaijan Republic 2014-2018

  • Former Hand-to-Hand chief-instructor of Operation Group of the Aviation Security of the Azerbaijan Republic 2007-2010.

  • Author of martial arts articles & DVDs

  • Co-author of martial arts books published in the Azerbaijan Republic.

  • Numerous inductees of International Hall of Fame, TV Shows, Martial Arts Magazines and Public Newspapers

  • Martial arts instructor since 1995

  • More than 35 years overall martial arts training experience (since 1985)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law

  • Honorary philosophy doctorate in martial arts studies.

  • Courses in various fields of Martial Arts, Self-defense, Fitness, Marketing, Management, Psychology, Physical education, Pedagogy, Business, Public Speaking, Communication skills, Digital Design, and Video Production.

  • He is constantly improving his all-around education.

    Special knowledge & skills:

  • Military officer, security specialist.

  • Passed courses in anti-terror, aviation security, and personal security.

  • Advanced level instructor of military combatives; tactical close combat, defensive tactics, and protection; police arresting; combat fitness; applied ground movement with short-range and long-range firearms; telescopic baton combatives; self-defense in the car, public transport, airplane, and confined spaces.

  Main Achievements in Martial Arts:

  • 8th Dan in Hoshin Moo Kwan Martial Arts

  • 6th Dan Taekwon-Do ITF

  • 4th Dan Hapkido World Kido Federation

  • 10th Khan Muay Thai

  • Instructor of Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga

  • Instructor of Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA

  • Instructor of Combat Fitness

   Main Achievements in Sports:

  • World champion in Chinese KickBoxing – Sanda 2009

  • TAFISA World Games silver medalist under the patronage of IOC 2008

  • World champion in full contact 2007

  • World champion in Hapkido 2004, 2007

  • Amateur MMA fighter, evening fights, 2005-2006

  • Caucasian Taekwondo ITF champion 2005

  • Taekwondo ITF International champion 2003

  • National silver medalist in Chinese Boxing – Sanda 2000

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