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Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts

General Information


Throughout its long history, martial arts have formed a multifaceted structure, acquired hundreds of disciplines and styles, rooted in different cultures and various interpretations of the martial arts at different periods of historical development. Mastering even one style of martial arts can take years and many hours of hard training.


Anyone who has taken the time to become a martial arts master needs something to prove his competence and expertise in the dedicated field.


Each discipline must have a way to recognize those who have a lifelong commitment to learning and teaching.


Within the GAMAO, a Ph.D. in martial arts is regarded as the highest form of confirmation of expertise in martial arts.


The GAMAO in order to satisfy the requests of its members, those who are recognized martial arts masters, has established the World Society of Higher Martial Arts Education. Within the framework of this academy, on the basis of a scientific method, training programs for instructors, requirements for the conferring of the title of professor, and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in martial arts have been developed.


Please, note that the Doctorate degree granted from a martial arts organization is not the same as an academic Doctorate degree.

The GAMAO do claim to issue academic degrees, we provide degree from our association and our sub-organizational academy.

But we establish special requirements for getting our Doctorate degree in order to encourage our members to learn the academic way of learning/teaching and scientific ways of study and research.

GAMAO introduced its doctoral programs in martial arts to give grandmasters and masters of martial arts the opportunity to earn a doctorate through their countless years of training and teaching. Their doctorate in martial arts is the highest form of recognition for their dedication and achievements in the martial arts.


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Martial Arts is a unique research program aimed at training professional martial artists. Also, the purpose of this program is to motivate adherence to their profession, for a detailed study of various disciplines of martial arts, to form their research thinking in specialized areas of law, psychology, pedagogy, management, tactics, strategy, and culture of martial arts.


The basic requirements for candidates


  • Minimum age 35 years old.

  • Practicing martial arts for at least 20 years.

  • At least 10 years of experience in teaching martial arts.

  • A black belt degree of at least 5 Dan, given in martial arts with international recognition.

  • Good reputation both locally and internationally.

  • High level of understanding of the principles of martial arts.

  • Knowledge of the basics of scientific research and academic teaching.

  • High level of technique in a practiced style of martial arts.

  • Must successfully pass GAMAO verification and recognition procedures.

  • Main ranks and titles must be recognized and certified by the GAMAO.


Course structure


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Martial Arts is awarded upon the successful completion of a period of study, including the presentation of a dissertation based on a research project, along with a series of articles (assignments in related subjects) for a degree under the supervision of qualified curators.


The final dissertation must be a martial arts thematic topic with substantial content that is worthy of publication to demonstrate the student's knowledge and understanding of the field of specialization. Prior to the publication of their final thesis, students must submit all articles and written assignments in all subjects of the relevant degree program.


The final thesis should focus on a specific topic related to martial arts skills and tactics for publication purposes. The final work should be accompanied by video additions, in which the practical aspects of the research work should be shown and explained.


Course duration


A Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in martial arts can usually be obtained in 2-3 years. However, students can apply for a subject exemption if they possess and can demonstrate professionalism and competence in the main subject (s) of the degree program. In addition, also students can shorten the study period, and the duration of the abstract submission, if they already had publications, articles, and research work, such as textbooks, manuals, or DVDs, online courses and etc.


Course Outline


Year 1 Course Subjects

  1. Structure and Methodology of Research

  2. Numerical Analysis & Statistics

  3. Management & Leadership Theories

  4. Definition and Classification of Martial Arts

  5. Foundation principles of Martial Arts

  6. General technical system of Martial Arts

  7. Proposal Writing 


Year 2 Course Subjects & Year 3 Thesis

  1. Historical Development of Martial Arts

  2. Philosophy and Culture of Martial Arts

  3. Principles of Psychology

  4. Teaching Methodology

  5. Structure of Martial Arts Teaching

  6. Security and Safety Rules in Martial Arts

  7. Benefits of Martial Arts Practice

  8. Thesis Dissertation 


Delivery Mode

This degree program is delivered on an online basis with tutorial support and online learning facilities from an online provider.


Degree Award

 Graduates passed all the assignments and the submitted thesis will be awarded Ph.D. in Martial Arts by the World Society of Higher Martial Arts Education of the GAMAO.

We believe that our Philosophy Doctorate in Martial Arts become the most prestigious rank in Martial Arts globally.

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