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How to join us

International membership is free. You just need to fill out a membership application form, send it to us by email along with a photo of the person. Our membership committee will review your application. Usually, the membership process takes about 2-4 weeks. Please note that GAMAO has the right to refuse membership without giving any reason. If your application is approved, we will send you a digital certificate of membership in high-quality PDF and JPG files.

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Would you like to receive printed membership documents?

We created for you the special membership packages

Due to numerous requests from our members, we have created special membership packages that include printed certificates, membership cards, patches on uniforms, metal badges for suits, T-shirts, special awards, medals, etc. All documents have a premium look, created by top designers ... The documents are printed by professional equipment on high-quality paper.


We charge reasonable delivery fees for the membership packages.

Below you will find more information about the packages and their content.

Disclaimer of Liability

The registered member is fully responsible for all, each and any his actions, ranks, and skills.

The Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) and its founder & CEO Vidadi Takhmaz Oglu Hajiyev disclaims all liability between itself and any member school or a registered member.

The GAMAO is for informational purposes only, and shall not be held responsible for the actions of any individual member, student members, instructor members, school members, organizational members, committee members, sub-organization members, partner members, partner organizations, and leadership board members.

The views, thoughts, opinions, and statements of GAMAO members, certified instructors, member schools, any other individual or organizational members do not reflect those of the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations, and it should not be held liable for the before mentioned.

All rights and the full responsibility for the information (members name, rank, title, style, scientific grade, education, skills, instructor qualification, etc) belong to the authors – registered members. The GAMAO founder & CEO - Vidadi Takhmaz Oglu Hajiyev and the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages.

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