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Registered GAMAO Members Worldwide

General Information

The lists of the GAMAO registered members organized by Facebook Groups:

  • GAMAO General Group (open for non-members too)

  • GAMAO Premium Private Group. This group is only for Black Belt, Instructors, Masters, Grandmasters, Founders, Headmasters, Doctorates, and Professors certified by the GAMAO Experts' Commission.

Within certain GAMAO groups, we share exclusive information, videos, presentations, checklists, training tutorials, meeting video streams, many other useful and valuable materials which available only to the members of the group.

The GAMAO General Facebbok Group

It is an open group for all GAMAO members and non-members too. 

It is a place where anyone can share their own vision, opinion, events, achievements, announcements, services, products, and many other activities with the worldwide martial arts community. Click here to enter the group.

The GAMO Official Facebook Page

All our current events, news, and announcements are available through the GAMAO Facebook page. It is open to all. It will be highly appreciated if join our page and like it.   Click here to enter the page.

The GAMAO Official YouTube Channel

We regularly upload the GAMAO videos with useful information, reports from our events, tournaments, seminars, courses, gala events, meetings, interviews, training tutorials, and many other helpful videos. It will be highly appreciated if subscribe to our YouTube channel, share the videos that you like and turn on notifications for upcoming videos.   Click here to enter the page.

Disclaimer of Liability

The registered member is fully responsible for all, each and any his actions, ranks, and skills.

The Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) and its founder & CEO Vidadi Takhmaz Oglu Hajiyev disclaims all liability between itself and any member school or a registered member.

The GAMAO is for informational purposes only, and shall not be held responsible for the actions of any individual member, student members, instructor members, school members, organizational members, committee members, sub-organization members, partner members, partner organizations, and leadership board members.

The views, thoughts, opinions, and statements of GAMAO members, certified instructors, member schools, any other individual or organizational members do not reflect those of the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations, and it should not be held liable for the before mentioned.

All rights and the full responsibility for the information (members name, rank, title, style, scientific grade, education, skills, instructor qualification, etc) belong to the authors – registered members. The GAMAO founder & CEO - Vidadi Takhmaz Oglu Hajiyev and the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages.

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