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Why do we charge certification fees and what benefits do our members get from it?

The GAMAO is not some random organization, which was hastily created and solely exists within the framework of some social media and an ambitious fantasy, founded by a keyboard warrior to satisfy their sick ego.

General Information

The GAMAO is a legally registered organization that has a constant board of directors, administrative team, affiliated professional instructors, a physical office and a gym, an official website with a corporate email address, and many others attributes of a professionally built organization.

GAMAO also rents a sports hall and a studio for video filming on an ongoing basis.

There are 4 employees in the GAMAO office, who work on a permanent basis, who are engaged in promoting the organization, both locally and internationally.


One of the employees responds to the e-mails and calls from our members 5 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. The second officer is in charge of registering new members. The third employee deals with legal and financial issues. The fourth employee is the founder of the organization himself, who coordinates all the work, conducts online consultations, personally answers questions from all members, shoots free training videos, writes useful articles and posts for our members, and also does a lot of other additional work for the development of GAMAO and its members.

The founder of GAMAO devotes almost all of his time to the development of this project.

In addition, we regularly employ professional designers, experts in marketing, business, law, culture, science, and other industries in order to provide quality support, services, and products to our members.


We use professional computers with expensive software, high-speed Internet, professional security tools, and much other valuable equipment and software for quality work.

Thanks to all of this, we try to maintain high standards, a professional image, and the quality of our support.

The above-mentioned activity requires huge financial, physical and mental expenditure, most of which is paid by the founder of GAMAO himself from personal funds earned outside the GAMAO project.


Certification fees so far only cover a small insignificant part of all costs.

So, any membership fees and donations from our members and fans are highly appreciated.


We try to attract sponsors and donors to our project too.

All our members use the benefits, achievements of GAMAO, its prestigious image, its connections, social media resources, and many other opportunities which are fast-growing.


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