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Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) - An Overview

The Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) is more than an association;

it is a united force of global martial arts communities striving for growth, recognition, and excellence.

Founded by the esteemed martial artist Vidadi Hajiyev, GAMAO serves as an international platform,

providing members with a plethora of benefits and opportunities, from networking

and recognition of worldwide project expansion.


A Global Network, a United Voice

Being a part of GAMAO offers members access to an extensive global network of martial arts

practitioners and organizations. This worldwide reach allows individuals and groups to share knowledge,

learn from each other, and foster the spirit of camaraderie in the martial arts community.

The unity of GAMAO represents a collective voice in the martial arts world, advocating

for respect, discipline, and excellence.

Pursuit of Excellence through International Certification

At GAMAO, we believe in empowering our members through education. Therefore, we provide

professionally organized courses across a range of martial arts disciplines.

This includes military combatives, civil self-defense, police, and law enforcement defensive tactics,

combat fitness, oriental healing arts, sports massage, and coaching in fighting sports like MMA,

Grappling, and Kickboxing. These training programs enable our members to gain legitimate

instructor certification, a milestone that enhances their professional credibility and equips them

with the skills to nurture the next generation of martial artists.


Rank Recognition and Advancement

Recognition of ranks and advancements is an integral part of the martial arts journey.

At GAMAO, we offer international rank recognition, from associate to doctorate degrees.

This includes global recognition for founder-creators of individual styles, schools, or unique combat systems.

This acknowledgment not only rewards the dedication and perseverance of our members

but also elevates their reputation on the global stage.

Global Events and Opportunities

GAMAO's calendar is filled with a plethora of global events designed to unite, educate,

and celebrate the martial arts community. We organize technical seminars, masterclasses,

qualification courses, clinics, arbitration, festivals, forums, tournaments, galas, global combat games,

international halls of fame, conferences, and group trips. These events provide enriching experiences,

fostering cooperation, knowledge exchange, and global visibility for our members.


A Safe and Respectful Environment

Our services are not just about learning and growth; they're about ensuring a safe,

respectful environment for all martial artists. We are committed to providing services

that respect the image of martial arts and abide by the law at both local and international levels.


A Home for Martial Artists Worldwide

The GAMAO stands as a beacon of unity and growth for martial artists worldwide,

operating from our headquarters, office, training gyms, and video production studio.

From beginner practitioners to world-class grandmasters, from small local training groups

to large worldwide associations, GAMAO welcomes all. 


The Inception of GAMAO

The inception of GAMAO goes back to 2005 when the idea was conceived by Vidadi Hajiyev,

a nationally and internationally recognized martial artist, an amateur fighter with multiple world titles,

a self-defense expert, and an inductee of the world hall of Fame.


He initiated the first branch of GAMAO in Baku, Azerbaijan, with the support of high-rank martial arts

practitioners from around the globe.

Our board members are highly qualified specialists and experts with an authentic training background

in various martial arts; and also military, law enforcement,  and government security officers experienced

in close combat confrontation, military combatives, and defensive tactics.


Join the Global Martial Arts Family

As you join our fast-growing organization, you become part of an inspiring journey that has its roots

in the dedication and vision of Vidadi Hajiyev, our founder.

His vision for a globally united martial arts community now spans continents and disciplines,

shaping the future of martial arts. We invite you to be part of this empowering journey and make

your mark on the world martial arts stage.

GAMAO is more than an organization. It's a movement, a family, a platform for growth,

and a home for martial artists worldwide. Your journey toward becoming a global martial artist starts here.


Welcome to GAMAO, your gateway to the world of martial arts.

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The GAMAO was based on concepts of open-mindedness, critical thinking, real training, active participation, research, and constant development. Our conduct system is free from ego and cults of personality. We oppose fraud and profanation in martial arts.


Our organization’s primary goals are the stimulation of joint education, cross-training, cultural relationships, joint global events, gatherings, and exchange of experience, knowledge, and skill among all members in a friendly environment.


We foster the true spirit of martial arts by keeping high standards in training, education, research, verification, examination, and promotion. Similarly, we stand up for the importance of earning all ranks through hard work and a fair assessment.


Our mission is to provide the home of martial arts study in a pure and friendly atmosphere free from monopoly, domination, and political pressure.


Our global association is the bridge between Eastern and Western martial arts practitioners; among amateurs and professionals; among small training groups and large world associations.

We are confident that our community is an effective integration tool for traditional martial arts, modern eclectic combat styles, realistic self-defense, and combat sports.

We believe that all styles of martial arts are unique and possess their own philosophy and values; all martial arts and combat systems are the ways of self-expression of individuals or groups of individuals; they are a part of the creative process of human beings.

Thus, our association does not violate the autonomy of its members, respects their independence, and supports their creative endeavors.

Our vision is to unify all martial artists globally maintaining the principles of peace, humanity, goodwill, integrity, commitment, solidarity, respect, common sense, cooperation, mutual support, technical excellence, mastery, merit, and professionalism through the practice and representation of martial arts.


How and Where
We Had Founded

The essential idea and concepts of the GAMAO were developed in 2005 by Vidadi Hajiyev who is a nationally and internationally recognized martial artist, an amateur fighter with multiple world titles, self-defense expert, an inductee of world hall of fame, a military officer, a loving family man, and a caring friend.


The primary branch of the GAMAO was instituted in Baku city, The Republic of Azerbaijan on October 22-25th, 2007 with the support of high-rank martial arts practitioners from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, South Korea, USA, and Uzbekistan.


Our board members are highly qualified specialists and experts with an authentic training background in various martial arts; and also military, law enforcement, and government security officers experienced in close combat confrontation, military combatives, and defensive tactics.


In January 2020, the GAMAO and its international sub-organizations (divisions) were legally constituted in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia. Also, as an official organization, we are governed by the law of the Republic of Georgia.


The main office is located in Baku — the capital city of the Azerbaijan Republic.

We accept students from abroad providing them with a wide range of training along with accommodation, transportation, food, and sightseeing.


You are welcome to join our fast-growing organization!

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