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Get advancement in martial arts ranks

We provide international rank advancement certification issued by the legally registered authority and competent examination panel which was formed from top-level masters in their field.

We provide the rank advancement in those cases when we are competent to do that and when our members qualified for that.

The high-ranked and competent experts of our Examination Committee will do for candidates the complete verification/examination of previous training background, previous rank certificates, current skills in technical, physical, mental, and theory fields of martial arts.

Our members may gain legitimate instructor certification by completing our professionally organized courses in various martial arts, including specific areas as military combatives, civil self-defense, police and law enforcement defensive tactics, combat fitness, oriental healing arts, sports massage, coaching in fighting sports (MMA, Grappling, Kickboxing, etc.).

As a legally registered institution, the GAMAO established strict rules related to providing membership, ranks, titles, any kind of appointments, and registrations. For this reason, we created special verification, examination procedures, and protocols.


The GAMAO’s diplomas and certificates are issued by a legal protocol, listed in a special registry. They have registration numbers, official seals, and signatures.


All GAMAO’s documents are professionally designed, thus, on one hand, they have a unique, solid, and attractive look, while on the other hand they are internationally recognized and have a prestigious image.

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