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History of GAMAO

The Full Story

The Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO) traces its roots back

to an intertwining saga of courage, wisdom, and an unyielding dedication to martial arts,

grounded in a rich history that blends the ancient martial arts traditions

of the East and West with a modern approach.

The Beginning:
An Embodiment of Courage and Service.






The inception of GAMAO began with a story of an exceptional man, Major Takhmaz Hajiyev.

A high-ranking police officer and an expert in martial arts, Takhmaz served as the chief

of the criminal police department in the 1970s and 80s.

During his tenure, he founded a Sambo hand-to-hand combat training group.

Sambo, a martial art developed by the Soviet Army, had been a part of Takhmaz's life

since 1960 when he began his military service.

His understanding of Sambo continued to grow during his education at the Police Academy.

Takhmaz's unique hand-to-hand combat system, enriched by his personal experiences

and confrontations on the police force, made him a distinguished figure in martial arts

and public service.

Legacy Passed Down:  
The Continuation of a Mission.







In 1985, Takhmaz decided to pass on his knowledge to his son, Vidadi Hajiyev.

A pivotal moment, marked the beginning of Vidadi's journey, carrying forward

his father's teachings. Two decades later, in 2005, Takhmaz appointed Vidadi

as the head of the family's combat system.

Formation of the International
Combatives & Self-defense









The following years saw Vidadi taking the mantle of his father's teachings to a broader stage.

In 2007, he founded the International Combatives & Self-defense Association (ICSA).


The establishment of ICSA was backed by other internationally recognized martial arts experts

and military officers. It was given a global platform during the International Congress

held in the same year, with representatives from 14 countries in attendance.


A Rising Reputation and Expanding Scope

The year 2008 saw Vidadi join the State Aviation Security as the chief instructor

of Physical Preparation & Hand-to-Hand Combat, leading ICSA to become a center

for close combat and survival self-defense training. Between 2008 and 2014,

Vidadi's international seminars and masterclasses boosted ICSA's global presence,

reaching various martial arts schools, clubs, private and state security organizations,

military, and police departments.

Further Growth and Broadening Horizons






In 2014, Vidadi took up another significant role, becoming the chief instructor

of Physical Preparation & Hand-to-Hand Combat for the Special State Protection Service

– Presidential Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


This move further underlined ICSA's commitment to specialized training for state security,

military, and police. In 2017, ICSA opened its doors to civilians worldwide, welcoming

enthusiasts from traditional martial arts, eclectic combat styles, survival self-defense training,

and fighting sports.

The Birth of the Global Association
of Martial Arts Organizations

Finally, in January 2020, in recognition of the growing success and expansion of the reach

of ICSA, it was reconstituted as the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO).

This transition was backed by high-rank martial arts practitioners, the military, the police,

and government security officers with various martial arts expertise and solid experience

in close combat, military combatives, and defensive tactics.

Today, GAMAO stands as a testament to its rich history and commitment to the advancement

of martial arts worldwide. As we look to the future, we remember the enduring spirit

and dedication of our founders, Major Takhmaz Hajiyev and Vidadi Hajiyev,

and pledge to continue inspiring and motivating future generations through martial arts.

Major Takhmaz Hajiyev, 1984

Master Vidadi Hajiyev is acknowledged and appreciated by the commander of the Police Special Operation for his enlightening seminar delivered to the esteemed Police Special Forces in 2005.

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