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Martial Arts Training

Here we provide the article where you may find

the answers to these main questions:

What are the kinds of training we provide?

What are the styles that we train?

What are the qualifications and ranking we provide?

What are the benefits, you may gain passing our training?

How to join our training and how much does it cost?

Where located our world academy?


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Our training program is not only about techniques and fighting skills, but we also focus on the teaching of related knowledge fields from the theory of the physical culture, anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology, methodology of the teaching process, instruction skills and tools, public speaking and communication skills, management and marketing tips for martial arts instructors.


We always update our training programs, including many other useful areas of knowledge in order to prepare the qualified, competent, technician and skillful instructors, trainers, experts – true professionals of martial arts.


One of the main principles of our philosophy is that quality is most primary than quantity. So, we prefer to provide small group training and individual personal training.


True martial arts are not mass physical activity. The individual approach is very important. We care for those whom we train because we are more family than fitness factory.

What are the kinds of training we provide?

The Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations in cooperation with the World Academy of Higher Martial Arts Education provides the following forms of training:


  • Partly time training (from 1 day up to 2 weeks) and full-time training (1-6 months) with accommodation (we help with a visa, and with all other necessary documents for legal stay).


  • Distance learning with final exams directly at the world academy. We provide students with detailed video materials for preparation, consulting, and personal training by online video chat.


  • Free online courses for independent training. The video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel.

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What are the styles
that we train?

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World Academy of Higher Martial Arts Education offers intensive training in various types of martial arts:


  • Traditional and Eclectic styles. The list of available martial arts updating and growing every year as new experts join us.


  • Combat Sports: Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, Grappling and etc.


  • Close Combat Systems: Military Combatives, Combat Sambo, Tactical Ju-Jutsu, Krav Maga, Kapap, Jeet Kune Do, Kali and etc.


  • Defensive/Protection Tactics for Civils, Law Enforcement, Security, Bodyguards, and Air Marshals.


  • Combat Choreography. Courses for action movie stuntmen.


  • Combat Fitness. Special fitness programs incorporate elements from martial arts and combat sports.

What are the qualifications and ranking we provide?

The following certification courses are available:

  • Student Levels Rank Certification.

  • Expert/Dan Level Certification.

  • Instructor Certification.

  • Senior Instructor Certification.

  • Master Instructor Certification.

  • Traditional Rank/Title Certification.

  • Professorship Certification

  • Doctorate Certification

Additional Rank & Titles are available by members' requests when qualified for it.

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What are the benefits, you may gain from passing our training?

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The GAMAO’s World Academy of Higher Martial Arts Education is for those members who wish to pass the courses in order to gain technician excellence, become skillful, qualified, competent, experts in certain martial arts.


The graduates who successfully pass our courses and examinations receive deserved, legal, and internationally recognized certification.


Gained knowledge, skills, personal transformation, and certification, all together it gives a confident and competent image of qualified specialist and respectable expert for both – local and international levels.

How to join our training?

The first step is to register individual membership with us. Then you need to analyze your current situation, schedules, and time management. If you feel motivated and have certain ideas and goals then you are welcome to contact us via


When you contact us, please, provide us your membership registration number, attach a file (PDF) with your detailed martial arts training biography along with information about your general education. We create an individual program and individual teaching methodology for every student.


After we will appoint you for free online consultation via video chat.


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How much does our training cost?


THE COSTS FOR THE PARTLY AND FULL-TIME TRAINING depend on many factors like seasons, the time duration of the course, classes per day (group training, private training, or combo of both), and many others. The common price information is that it very reasonable, some times and in some cases we may provide free of charge training too.


The accommodation, food and local transportation also is very individual. We do all our best to provide lowest price for the certain conditions on the market and same time the highest quality for the price.


Everything will be discussed via online consultation; we will provide you up to date information with full support and best possible options.


The cost deepens from the number of students: single student, two training partners, or small training group. As well as from the number of training hours, and may be different for single lessons, a combo of lessons, and whole course for certain rank level. The combos and level courses are always discounted from 10-30%.


Everything will be discussed via online consultation; we will provide you with date information with full support, the best possible options, and the lowest price.

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Where located our world academy?


The GAMAO’s World Academy is located in Baku, the capital city of the Azerbaijan Republic.


It is 10 minutes car drive from the central part of the city which is reached with both ancient traditional and modern buildings, cultural and shopping centers – a great place to go for sightseeing and photo sessions.


It’s also 20 minutes from the beaches of the Caspian Sea, and 1 hour from the famous Gobustan mountains -State Reserve is very rich in archeological monuments and ancient cave paintings.


As well as many other great places to visit. Here is the link to the more detailed information about local great sights.


We have a compact office with an equipped training room, which also has a small comfortable seating area and a kitchen. The conditions allow us to regularly host small groups of foreign students who undergo intensive training.

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