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Why Choose

The GAMAO provides a variety of quality activities through its global training academy, and dedicated partners.

We provide our members with individual support

and customized services that help them:


To be included in a global registry with a listing of individual practitioners, organizational members, verified black belt holders, featured instructors, qualified masters, and grandmasters, world-class experts, style founders, martial arts professors, and doctorates.


To gain international recognition of their ranks, achievements, and talents. We provide international rank recognition and rank advancement certification issued by the legally registered authority and competent examination panel which was formed from top-level masters in their field.


To access the international network of dedicated martial artists - the fellowship is free from politics, cults of personality, and egos, where the authenticity and autonomy of its members are respected.


To implement their projects within a global community. Together we are strong enough to achieve a wide range of goals. We do our best to help our members with the promotion of the results of their work. We support members’ events, activities, services, products, achievements, and presentations through sharing them with the whole GAMAO worldwide community and the general public.


To establish new fruitful relationships and cooperation within our community, possible affordable access to dedicated specialists and world-class experts from various martial arts and related industries. Additionally, joined specialists may even find a new audience for their service.


To access direct training, award ceremonies, photo and video sessions at GAMAO Headquarters. We provide both live training in our world academy and distant training, which include professional examination, testing, and award ceremonies.


To be involved in global live and online lessons, training, courses, workshops, tournaments, gatherings, special meetings, and award ceremonies, as well as free of charge events and services sponsored by GAMAO Headquarters.


To access affordable digital design services which offer an attractive professional look to your logos, diplomas, certificates, uniforms, t-shirts, business cards, websites, posters, wall banners, stationeries, and social media.

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