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In the expansive world of martial arts, where each punch signifies power, each kick denotes control, and each stance symbolizes balance, one name stands out, weaving together these diverse threads into a global tapestry - Vidadi Hajiyev. Founder of the Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO), Vidadi Hajiyev is a visionary who has been instrumental in unifying martial arts enthusiasts, practitioners, and organizations worldwide under one banner. Today, we share with you his heartfelt welcome message, an inspiring testament to the transformative power of martial arts and the unifying mission of GAMAO.

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 Dear Martial Arts Enthusiasts,

It is with immense pleasure that I, Vidadi Hajiyev, welcome you to the Global Association

of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO).


As the founder of this esteemed organization and a lifelong martial arts devotee,

I am thrilled to introduce you to a community that not only shares your passion but endeavors

to elevate martial arts to new heights globally.

In a world that is ever-evolving, the core principles of martial arts – discipline, respect, courage,

and resilience – serve as timeless guiding lights. These are the principles that we, at GAMAO,

hold close to our hearts. They fuel our mission to bring together martial arts practitioners from

every corner of the globe, in a unified network that appreciates diversity, encourages progression,

and values mutual respect.

GAMAO aims to be more than just an international hub for martial arts enthusiasts.

Our vision is to be a beacon of transformation, empowering members with not only the physical

prowess nurtured through martial arts but also the mental fortitude that is inherent in its practice.


Martial arts, we believe, is a journey toward self-improvement that transcends the confines

of a dojo and enriches every aspect of our lives.

Quality and authenticity are paramount in our operations.

Whether it is rank accreditation or our comprehensive instructor programs, we are meticulous

in upholding the highest standards, ensuring that the accreditations we confer are recognized

and respected globally.

Our ambition is to see a world where martial arts, in all its forms and disciplines,

are universally recognized, appreciated, and celebrated.


Your participation in this journey is invaluable.

Together, we can cultivate a platform that champions martial arts, promoting a culture of discipline,

unity, and mutual respect.

I invite you to delve into the breadth of initiatives, programs, and resources we offer.

Join our vibrant community, participate in our diverse range of programs, and be a part of our mission

to change lives through martial arts.

Thank you for visiting and considering becoming part of our rapidly growing martial arts family.

At GAMAO, we believe that martial arts have the power to transform lives, and we are excited

to accompany you on this remarkable journey.

Welcome to GAMAO. Welcome to a new era of martial arts.

With warm regards,

Vidadi Hajiyev

Founder, Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations (GAMAO)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+994 51 727 13 13

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