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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Teenagers

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Dear friends, I would like to share an article about the benefits of martial arts. This article is dedicated to teachers, martial arts instructors, to those who is trying to become a professional, to those who constantly seeks self-improvement and devoted themselves to the study and application of martial art skills.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Teenagers


Since the creation of humankind and till this very day, people have been struggling for existence, they had to fight natural disasters, predators and also against each other.

The first invention of the most primitive types of weapons and their application signified the beginning of martial arts. Fight for resources, territory, power and domination served as a catalyst of war craft, and hand-to-hand combat has always been its crucial part. The need to defend yourself, your family, your tribe, your crops and your trade caravans forced people to learn self-defence techniques both armed and without a weapon.

Nowadays we no longer need to hunt a big furry mammoth in order to feed our family or defend our cave from wild animals with a club in our hand. The era of pirates and robbers is over. There is a decline in the rate of street crimes due to the advent of technology and the professionalism of law-enforcement agencies, especially in developed countries. There are cameras almost everywhere and any attempts on criminal activity are cut off by a nearby patrol.

So why do we need martial arts today?

Of course, police is not always there to protect you, furthermore there are spots hidden from cameras and people too. There are plenty of scenarios where individuals are forced to rely solely on their own ability to defend themselves from violent aggression.

The fact is that martial arts training allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones in case of an imminent danger is the least of its benefits.

Not only will martial arts help you stay fit, they will also reduce your stress level, build confidence, improve attention, self-discipline and orderliness and move along the path of self-development and self-awareness.

Here is a detailed description of what martial arts could offer, taking into account a person’s age as well as what they could offer regardless of one’s age.

Benefits for teenagers

Adolescence is probably the most difficult stage of our life. Children reach puberty around this time, which means they are going to have higher levels of hormones. This period is a transitional phase, a bridge between childhood and adult life. A teenager is assigned a heavy burden, which is the peculiarity of physical development on one hand and numerous social duties on the other. A protective shell in the form of parental care and a privileged position within a society gradually disappear and a teenager is forced to learn a life independent from adults. All these processes affect an adolescent psyche. While the physical transformation of a teenager is obvious, sometimes it is hard to measure their level of general and emotional intelligence. Communication links can overlap, they can form triangles, they can become tense and even disintegrate.

What can martial arts offer in this case and how can they help teenagers and their parents make this stage of life less torturing? A good martial arts school managed by an instructor knowledgeable in psychology, physiology and pedagogics can help young individuals test and toughen their body, mind, intelligence and spirit in a friendly environment. Regular martial arts training with a good teacher will make youths healthier, more durable, it will improve their overall health, boost their self-esteem and overcome complexes and tension peculiar to this age.

As a rule, martial arts lessons are guaranteed to produce good results, which has a positive impact on teenagers’ self-esteem and faith in their ability. A good instructor can guide this faith in the right direction. Adolescent will realise the importance of hard work and discipline, which eventually lead to a better academic performance. Accomplishments in martial arts will help them earn respect and acknowledgement, making friends will be easier. By making friends with the classmates who share the same healthy habits and interests they will be able to protect themselves from the negative influence of other students. Teenagers who are used to respecting their mind and body are less likely to succumb to the temptation of taking alcohol, drugs and other dangerous substances or to be engaged in other harmful activities.

A real school of martial arts can become the second family for an adolescent, a family consisting of like-minded people, who support each other in the moments of hardship. It can become a peaceful harbour in a restless world. Taking into account the importance of such a facility in a child’s life, it’s absolutely crucial to be able to choose the right school and the right instructor.

Sincerely yours,

Vidadi Hajiyev

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